September 3, 2010

What To Expect From A Movie Called Hobo With A Shotgun


There are so many different versions of the end of Blade Runner, it's hard for even the diehard fan to keep them straight. So let's go with the basics:

there's the Domestic Cut, originally released in US theaters with Deckard's voiceover. And that happy getaway ending in the car.

There's the 1992 Director's Cut, with no voiceover and no happy ending.

There's the 2007 Final Cut, Scott's supposedly definitive ending, where Gaff [Edward James Olmos] shows up and throws Deckard the gun to after Rachel.

And so with a title like "Final Cut," you'd think that's finally it. Only now, it turns out there's an entirely different alternate ending.

And instead of dying seven years after his incep date, Roy Batty survives, and turns his inspiring rooftop beating and speech into a highly successful series of motivational lectures and self-help books. He becomes a life coach, with a whole line of parenting books and career counseling services for newborns in maternity wards.

Aannnd, somewhere in there, he loses it all and becomes a psychotic Hobo With A Shotgun and embarks on a bloodsoaked, murderous revenge-and gore-filled rampage.

Did I miss an episode along the way or something? It feels like I'm missing some key plot points here.

via the awl, which really kills it in the commentary]


About time Rutger Hauer got another starring role.

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