September 2, 2010

Bwahahalvar Aalto Children's Playset


So what did we discover in the upcoming Rago Arts Discovery auction scheduled for Sept. 11? That even with "(Attr.)" and "unmarked" in the lot description, it still takes a pretty big set of stones to sell this pile of ply scraps as an "Alvar Aalto Laminated Birch Child's Playset."

Meanwhile, there's a Schaukelwagen, identified only as "a child's wooden toy," paired up with a Cess Braakman sewing table. Totally random, and even at the low estimate of $800+premium, not a steal.

Lot 1167: Alvar Aalto (Attr.), est. $400-600 [ragoarts]
Wood and seel sidetable together with wood child"s toy, est. $800-1200

1 Comment

What is the play value here? A thing that kinda make a slide and a bunch of pieces that look like they don't stack? I hope AA would have done a bit better.

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