August 31, 2010

Ceci N'est Pas Un Crate Changing Table--Yet


Andy just sent this over, and he's right, it'd make an awesome changing table.

This happens to be in Atelier Solarshop's pop-up store in Antwerp, which is up through Oct. 9, if you want to go scout it out and dissect the thing.

What'd make or break it, obviously, is the frame. A few weeks ago I saw photos of Mauricio Arruda's sweet-looking cabinets made from plastic bread trays in Brazil. They are awesome, but the legs weren't quite right, and the non-adjustable wood cabinet, which really had to fit each tray to get the right effect, just seemed like too much.

A more modular, adjustable, and simple-to-knock-together metal frame would be great. Just zip-tie the kid-holding tray to the top so it doesn't slide off. Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions/examples?

UPDATE: Thanks to Pietro from Solarshop, who tells me that this piece is called "One For All," and it's by German-in-Brussels Christiane Hoegner. He said they've already sold one for use as a changing table. They're EUR443. As for my comments above, this piece has non-adjustable shelf heights, too.

We R Here [ateliersolarshop via andy]
"One For All," 2003/2006, EUR443 []

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Restaurant supply stores are awesome.
Bakery Rack:

This one is sized to hold standard sheet pans, but I think you could use a deeper steam table pan instead. Those bread trays might fit too, I wouldn't be surprised if they are the same size. Might have to trim off some of the intermediate runners.

Lug carts (like what you use to hold a bus tub) have some potential too:

Put a shelf in that top position, and a tub down below for supplies. The fact that it pulls out to the side is handy too- easier access without stepping back from the changing surface.

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