August 27, 2010

OG Mercedes Diesel Wagon Drift


Teemu Peltola, the pride of Finland, drifting a Mercedes W123 diesel wagon with a Scania supercharger for Black Smoke Racing.

This is so freaking awesome, I will overlook the contempt I have for Mercedes' revisionist branding scheme that led Autoblog to call this epic model an E-Class. I have both, and one is absolutely not the other, and anyone saying otherwise is an MB marketer or his patsy.

But none of that really matters when there are seven minutes of Latvian drift action to be seen. That puff of black smoke before the dust and wheel burn kicks in is like magic:

Black Smoke Racing's own YouTube channel [youtube]
Black Smoke Racing's Facebook group, complete with build photos [facebook via autoblog thanks dt reader cam]


That's the most lumbering drift I've ever seen. What a mess. It's like the anti-Rendezvous.

It's not lumbering, it's the movement of inevitability.

Watching that behemoth drift is like watching a rhino charge.

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