August 27, 2010

I'll Take Crazy Vintage Dollhouses For $500, Alek!


There's gotta be a story or two here behind this incredible, handmade 3-ft wide, hexagonal dollhouse, which dt reader Christine just spotted on eBay.


First off, obviously, What the hey? Those steeply raked rooms look like theatrical set tricks, stages for playing, not just for filling with dolls.

And then of course, there's this:


"Built by H. P (?) Mahon 1965
for his Granddaughters
Ann and ??lise Mahon"

Is this a model of Grandma ahd Grandpa Mahon's house? Of of the little Mahon's own custom modernist house, which has since been razed and replaced with a McMansion? Did Grandma use that thing like a voodoo doll set, trying to compel that daughter-in-law of hers to bring the kids over more often? Or--

Or whatever, maybe it's just someone cleaning out the basement or flipping a sweet garage sale find. I'm just saying, for five large, I'd like a few stories thrown in.

Vintage retro Eames era mid cent hand made doll house, opening bid $500, pickup in NJ, auction ends 9/2 [ebay via dt crazy vintage dollhouse correspondent christine]

1 Comment

Greg, it's BAAACK. Price is way down to $150. Still not low enough for me!

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