August 23, 2010

Mini-Me & Me & Me & Me

Yayoi Kusama's works attempt to give the viewer a chance to lose himself, to have his own sense of individual identity replaced with a barrage of mirrored doppelgangers, to merge completely with the disorienting environment, Of course, most of this concept assumes the viewer has a fully developed sense of self in the first place. Which may explain why this one-year-old kid attending a wedding last year in Pittsburgh has such a freakout-good time.
The 'Dot' Room VIDEO [sanhelsington's flickr stream via @heartasarena]
Infinity Dots Mirrored Room, 1996, by Yayoi Kusama, The Mattress Factory []
Previously: Baby Carriage, 1964, by Yayoi Kusama

1 Comment

Ya he dint know what he wanted to do lol to funny! thanks.

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