August 23, 2010

I Think We Can All Agree The Answer Is NOT 'Breastfeeding Discharge Bags'

From the DT Monday Mommy Mailbag [hey!]:

ByMomsForMoms just announced a little contest that I thought you might want to share with your readers, Twitter followers and Facebook fans. We've been working with Cottonwood Kids for about a year now helping to promote their Healthy Baby Bounty Bag, a breastfeeding support bag that is meant to replace those formula samples that so many moms get when they leave the hospital after giving birth.

The bags have been hugely successful. There are about 400 hospitals, birthing centers, and WIC programs who carry them now, double what the distribution was a year ago. Anyway, Cottonwood Kids wants to rename the bag, and we're helping them find suggestions from moms.

How about Mommy's Milk Fun Bags? Not that anyone's asking me, of course.


She makes a compelling argument.

Uma, that is...

I got a 'breastfeeding support' bag when I had my first son (seven years ago). It contained a formula sample.

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