August 20, 2010

This Just In From The Kids Memorize The Darndest Things Department...

From DT reader Eric comes this video of YouTube user drchelpka's expressive 3-yo son reciting "Litany," by former US Poet Laureate and apparent Outback Steakhouse fan ["You are still the bread and the knife"? Amiright? Am I the only one whose kid calls it the Brown Bread Restaurant?], Billy Collins:

Previously: 4-yo Joshua Socca does Kurt Russell's Herb Brooks speech from Miracle:

And Anyone teaching any 2-yo to recite Hamlet.

Clearly, what your kid memorizes is limited only by your own imagination and capacity for amusement.


Man, first video ----> Spend 5% of the time you spent teaching that kid to recite poetry on a bit of house cleaning and you would have a model show home

Awesome. I believe that he really is the bag of chestnuts.

Most days I'm lucky if I remember my own name.

That said, my father can still recite poetry he learned as a boy in grammar school.

I blame my poor memory on the fact that we weren't required to truly memorize anything in school. What we did memorize was expressly for the purpose of passing a test and then was purged immediately thereafter.

I had 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll memorized at age 2....I still remember it. I still enjoy saying it, too.

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