August 17, 2010

NY Times Writes The Hell Out Of Park Slope Ghost Stroller

Whatever the white-painted stroller chained to the Park Slope street corner mystery turns out to be, it gave Susan Dominus a chance to pause. And to reflect:

Many other mothers, possibly used to the sight by now, pushed their own full strollers by the empty, etiolated version without so much as a sideways glance.

Symbols are one thing; the demands of new lives are supremely insistent.

And to use "etiolated" in a sentence. And for all this, we give thanks or something.

another thing to be thankkful for update: my artblogging buddy Carolina Miranda's spot-on critique of the Ghost Stroller, 2010, mixed materials, as a public art installation. Turns out she's a friend of the DadWagon, too!

A Ghost Stroller Puzzles Park Slope [nyt]


Am I stupid or what? I have no idea what the hell this post or that quote is even talking about...

I guess I should have paid more attention in fifth grade instead of staring at that Stacey girl.

I had to look that up

Weird word


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