August 10, 2010

Lost 90s Kids Furniture By Anthologie Quartett


Look, I'm not happy either about posting a vintage kids furniture story from 1991, a year I happen to remember myself quite well, thankyouverymuch, and it was not that long ago.

Though I guess technically, it's just long enough ago to be the past, but not long enough to really be vintage. Boomer Era Limbo.

The kids who sat at this playtable designed by Daniel Weil and Gerard Taylor for the German furniture and lighting company Anthologie Quartett are now graduating from college and moving back home, waiting for their parents to start lining up interviews for them. Maybe not such a ringing endorsement for the Postmodernist Playroom.

And though the company itself has purged all mention of children's furniture from their website, Kidsmodern is talking about another set of Anthologie Quartett kids furniture, this time by the design partnership Ginbande, as if it's still in production, EUR575 fabricators are standing by.


This, even though the only images of the weird-to-useless-looking Formica & beech chairs are the same ones used in 1994 to auction off the prototypes for charity at Sotheby's Frankfurt.

Images, top: Anthologie Quartett play furniture launched at the 1991 Moebelmesse []
Kinderbank, 1994, by Ginbande for Anthologie Quartett []

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