July 31, 2010

Erich Dieckmann Ur-Bauhaus Kinderstuhl


You may know furniture designer Erich Dieckmann from such carpentry workshops as the Bauhaus and the Staatliche Bauhochschule in Weimar. Which covers the 1920s, the time frame attributed to this little painted pine kid's chair.

It has that Dieckmann wood chair look: nearly square, with finger jointed right angles. If it wasn't missing the seat back, I expect it might have sold at auction last April. As it stands, EUR1500 seems to have a lot of negotiating room built in.

Apr 2010: Lot.No. 393 Erich Dieckmann (attr.) 1920er Jahre [herr-auktionen.de]
intact Dieckmann chair selling for $1,613 at Christie's in 2007 [christies.com]

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