July 22, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?

K2 went into a real panic at bedtime the other night; she was suddenly afraid of ghosts. We tried to tell her that ghosts were just pretend, which she already knew, duh. Poor kid, barely two, and she's already having to deal with her parents' cluelessness.

No, it's not that kind of ghost, like Birdy-Bird on Wow Wow Wubbzy, she insisted, it's the other kind of ghost. The one which was bumping the door to our apartment. Which might be the change in air pressure in the hall when the elevator comes.

So I went and stuck my head out the door, and told the ghost to go home. No luck. Finally, the kid said that a sign would work to keep the ghosts away. So she hopped out of bed and cranked one out, got it approved by her sister, then went out and taped it to the door.

No Gosts


Brilliant! I've taped a quite similar "no ghosts allowed" sign to the door of my daughter. She likes to see it by night, so it's on the inside of her door. She didn't believe me that it may not work that way.

My own K2 went through a similar period of being terrified of monsters, with a similar response to my inept attempts at rationality: "I know, daddy!" — with a look of incredible seriousness and more than a hint of exasperated condescension — "I'm afwaid of dhe pweetend monstahs."

good heavens, your barely two year-old is WRITING???

Hahaha, no, she dictates and her big sister writes for her.

Oh thank heavens. My kids are massively precocious in the language/ writing department and even THAT seemed crazy to me.

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