July 14, 2010

Plexibub! Australian Cribs From Ubabub

Ubabub is an Australian baby furniture start-up, just out of the renderings-only stage, with a strong mid-century modernist aesthetic and up-to-the-minute manufacturing and materials.

Which means the Nifty Clear crib, with its awesome angled legs, perforated plexi sides, and walnut frame, looks like a 1950's console television--but for a widescreen.

The molded ply POD crib, meanwhile, looks like a Kristian Vedel concept study. Or like a Ooba bassinet or crib [Ooba, Uba. Uba, Ooba.], or like Denmark's perpetual conversion sleep machine, the Leander bed. Both look nice, though I have to say the mid-level mattress height and the toddler bed conversions, both shown on Minor Details, seem like anything but.

And all starting around $1600, including a mattress. And those are Australian dollars, too, so Yanks can lop 20% off the top. [And add 50% for transglobal shipping, assuming you could order one.]

Since Jenn posted about Ubabub the same day I posted Spot on Square's Roh crib, close readers of the parentblogs might be tempted to declare a trend for sub-$2K plexi cribs. In fact, we both saw the same "Transparent Tuesday" on our blogger's idea-a-day desk calendars.

Nifty Clear crib, &c from Ubabub ubabub_nifty.jpg[ubabub.com.au via minor details, thanks dt readers FOG lite and Sven]

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sweet! can we work on monetary madness monday, wasteful wednesday, thrifty thursday and fantasy fridays? :-)

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