July 13, 2010

Damn, Baby, That Is One Plexi Crib!


As shoppers for mid-range plexiglass cribs know all too well, there is no such thing as a mid-range plexiglass crib. On the value end, there is an awesome, truly inspired, $300 maple & plexi crib from Community Playthings. And on the high end, there's the Castor & Chouca bambou crib set-up with the plexi porthole and optional acrylic bassinet for $2700 and change.

But that doesn't factor in the knuckleheads who drop four grand on a one-off, custom Judd job, And then there's that medical-style stainless & plexi rolling compact crib for $1200 or so? But that's not the point!

The point is, Spot on Square's new Roh crib is made from walnut and comes with one [or two!] sweet, 1/2-inch thick acrylic sides, and it's only $1590 or $1990! For a plexi crib, that's positively middle-of-the road! Well done.

Roh Collection Crib by Spot on Square, $1590-1990 [spotonsquare.com]

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Another middle of the roader.

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