July 8, 2010

Bottle From The Block

Celebrities are just like us, and on the web, everyone's a little famous, so I basically don't do any of that crap here, but this was hands down, the best press release I got all day:

BPA-Free Baby Bottle - As Seen in Jennifer Lopez's Latest Film, The Back Up Plan

BPA-Free Baby Bottle... As Close as a Baby Can Get to Natural Breastfeeding

Thank you, dear publicist!


This is the NFL version of the NBA swingman jersey. Unlike the replica football jersey, the NFL Equipment Jersey features names, numbers and team logos that are sewn on. However, it's not thesame quality of material and stitching that the authentic jersey has. The NFL Equipment Jersey Retails for $100. There is an up-charge for XXXL, 4XL and 5XL jerseys, because I am a commentspamming d-bag.

Just in time for Greg to get the comments working again. :lol:

Dude. With a filter and the captcha challenge, I still have to delete 100 of those asshats' spamments a day by hand. I'll probably end up going with a commenter registration system as soon as I can figure one out.

Greg, I love your editorial work on the OP!

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