July 7, 2010

DT Mommy Mailbag: Summertime Edition


Hey Ladies, it sure is hot out there! Here's some cool tips and marketing messages for you from the DT Mommy Mailbag!

  • "Let Moms know: Nordstrom's Anniversay Sale!" will include Trina makeup bags!

  • "Sharon Lerner's new book looks for answers to the question no one wants to answer: Why is the U.S. such an a family-unfriendly nation that sets mothers up to fail?" I thought the question no on wants to answer is, "Are you hyping gender bias and ignoring dads to sell your book?" But what do I know, I'm just a man! [via War-On-Moms-monger HybridMom.com]

  • "With Coppertone's MyUV Alert application, mom can get some help managing individualized suncare needs, and check one more thing off of her 'to do' list." I assume it automatically checks the Environmental Working Group's Sunscreen Guide to make sure you don't accidentally buy one of the 40-odd Coppertone products with misleading SPF information, dangerous Vitamin A content, and/or inaccurate and/or inadequate UVA protection! Thanks, Big Sunscreen!

[image: from an actual apartment listing on Central Park West, via curbed.com]

1 Comment

Looks it is an effective tool to look hot and sexy huh! you just gave me a very great idea on how to seduce my hubby. haha!

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