July 6, 2010

Parent Pants By Matt Brown


Personally, I hate cargo pants, and don't even get me started on cargo shorts. But I think someone needs to light a fire under industrial designer Matt Brown so we can see some of his parent pants come off the drawing board and get put into action.

Matt Brown | Projects | Pants For Kids And Parents (5% Complete) [skrov.com via Robert Greco]


Well let's say a good friend of mine had a pair of cargo pants with a little extra pocket near his right ankle. Used to carry joints and stuff in this pocket.

My daughter's 2, she's about 2 feet tall, and can easilly reach my regular-pants pockets. Granted, they're pretty loose-fit, but I find all manner of trinkets and finds in my pockets as the day continues. No special pants required, I say.

Amazing! My son is just in the hiding/hoarding stage, so he'd love this.

PS, I also hate cargo pants/shorts. Anyone feel like starting an official movement against them?

This is why women have purses. Carry-able pouches for stuff.

Now someone has to invent one in leather, big rusty metal buckles, and croc tooth marks in the side, and I'd buy that.

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