July 2, 2010

DT Comments May Be Working Now. Or Maybe Not.

It's been kind of a comment spam cluster$)(*% around here the last while, but I think they are functioning again. But I'm still working on it, so who knows?

At the moment, it seems you will need to sign in to leave a comment. There are several signin options, I hope there will be more soon.

And I think that after you sign in, you will need to do not one, but two captcha challenges.

There is an option to require people to hand over their firstborn child before leaving a comment. I left that box unchecked. Given the highly specific target demographic of Daddy Types, it really seemed to defeat the whole purpose.

And besides, I've got more than enough kids right now .

For future reference, the week your wife is gone to a conference is the wrong week to start tweaking software code.

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