July 1, 2010

Perch: A Sculpture For Artful Socializing


Wow, has it really been ten years since I saw my first Austin Thomas perch sculpture?

Thomas creates these free-standing deck/treehouse/platform social sculptures, and they're meant to be used. For hanging out, looking down, working, retreating, playing, whatever. They have a simple, low-key awesomeness that hasn't diminished since I first cimbed up on one in a SoHo loft in 2000.

Her typical M.O. is to roam the world like Caine, building them on commission. But she has a kid now, so there's less of that. And she has several stored in Canoga Park, CA, while her family is lately settled in Brooklyn.

So Thomas is offering several perches, complete and ready for reassembly, free to loving, art-appreciating homes in the Los Angeles area. Homes which may not have small children in them:

Might not be super safe around kids, I wouldn't want anyone falling off! They would be great in an office. A nice place to work on, whether that be writing or playing music, reading or hanging out.
Head to Austin's blog for more details, and contact her if you're interested in a perch.

Free Stuff [drawing on the utopic]
Austin Thomas | social sculpture [austinthomas.org]

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