June 27, 2010

'Elsewhere In Manhattan On Saturday'

I'm a little freaked out to read that while I was typing up the Freakout post, a 6-mo baby was killed and her mother was critically injured by a falling tree branch at the Central Park Zoo. It happened as they were standing in front of the sea lions, which is basically where we stand every time we go into the park, but not into the zoo.

Meanwhile, here's the last paragraph of the NY Times story:

Elsewhere in Manhattan on Saturday, a 2-year-old boy fell out of an 18th-floor window and landed on a 15th-floor terrace at 333 East 46th Street. The child was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center and was in stable condition on Saturday night. The police said the fall appared to have been an accident.
Score one for setbacks.


Falling Branch Kills Baby at the Central Park Zoo [nyt]

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