June 25, 2010

International K2 Blue


My father-in-law was visiting us this week, and we went to see the Yves Klein retrospective at the Hirshhorn.

It's a pretty great show, and with large paintings divided between bright monochromes and the occasional human form, a shorty like K2 could see it and engage it just fine. [Though parents of impulsive kids will want to keep them away from the giant, open sandbox-like platform full of raw blue pigment, which will get all over them, their clothes, and you. And parents of impressionable kids will want to steer them away from the video projections, lest they decide to cover their naked selves with paint and make full body impressions on your walls.]

Anyway, with blue blue blue on the mind, we took a quick turn through the lower galleries to see the Colorforms show, where this Anish Kapoor was resting. When I asked K2 what did it look like, I was expecting to hear "a cup," or "an egg." Instead she came back with "a hole in the dark."

The grandparent suitably awed, we left the museum and went to Five Guys.

Anish Kapoor, At the Hub of Things, 1987 [hirshhorn.si.edu]
Yves Klein films: Anthropometries of the Blue Period and Fire Paintings: Two Performances (1960) [ubu]

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