June 9, 2010

Forget It Jake, It's Stroller Town

The NY Times looks at the Hot New Trend in fine dining, no-reservations:

But what plays downtown may not be a successful adaptation to other urban microclimates. Three miles north, the Upper West Side Fatty Crab, at Broadway near West 76th Street, has been taking reservations since its debut in March 2009. "It's an older, less adventurous demographic, and it can also be stroller town," [Rick] Camac said, referring to parents tethered to a ticking baby-sitter clock.
Uh, actually, that ticking sound you hear is the kid's good behavior clock running down to zero as he gets hungrier and hungrier.

Why The Cheesecake Factory is the only place in the world that brings out a plate of bread and banana slices as soon as a kid sits down, I do not understand.

Table for 2? Get Ready to Wait in Line [nyt]

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