June 7, 2010

The Future Is Here, And It's Riding A Retro Saab


Wow, I was on a hairy deadline, so I only just watched Apples's video for the new iPhone 4 [wipes tears away from eyes]. It almost makes me want to be a road warrior again, just so I can experience the joy of watching my kid crawl for the first time via Facetime.


Meanwhile, a big, wet product placement kiss on the lips to Playsam, whose 2006 iCar love clearly paid off. This ride-on Saab Roadster is the kid's favorite toy at their granddad's house. It's also the only one that doesn't get shunted out of sight the moment we head to the airport.

iPhone 4 design video [apple.com via @stevecase]
Playsam Saab Roadster, wow, $450 now? [amazon]
Related and even crazier: Playsam Rocking Saab

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