June 3, 2010

Your Moment Of Slot-Together Zen: Builder Boards

The post yesterday about Richard Dattner's awesome, slot-together, plywood panels from his 1966 Adventure Playground has unleashed a mini-wave of similar, if not quite as super-graphic designs.

First up: Builder Boards, a playhouse construction set made of marine ply that looks like it's made of giant popsicle sticks. You can see them in action above, in what might be the mellowest toy pitch I've seen all year.

Builder Boards also look a lot like rounded-end versions of the plywood play planks published in Mechanix Illustrated in 1953--and rediscovered by Modern Mechanics in 2006.

The set is pretty big, and at $1500 unfinished or $2500 finished with three coats of shellac and varnish, Builder Boards look to be targeted at the crunchier end of the day care, preschool, and children's museum market.

But there's also a set of plans [$13]. So between that and the 1953 blueprints, all you'll need to do is borrow your mom's station wagon after she's asleep, and head down to a construction site to load up with all the free plywood you can carry.

Builder Boards [earthplay.net via dt reader erik]
related: Plywood Ply Planks, Dec. 1953 [modernmechanix]

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