June 2, 2010

NY Nannies May Get Basic Benefits

Never underestimate the New York State government's ability to completely screw up even the most obvious things, but it looks like the hapless Senate, Assembly, and governor are going to get it together and pass a law giving nannies the right to basic sick leave, paid vacation, and severance pay.

And it's not just the Tibetan nannies or the Mandarin-speakers, either; the law would apply to all domestic employees, no matter their immigration status. Which would add a whole list of new regulations you could be violating for paying your nanny off the books.

Frankly, the toughest thing might be trying to grapple with the idea that something David Paterson does is worth paying attention to.

New York Expected to Give Protections to Nannies [nyt via @jodikantor]

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