May 27, 2010

Chick & Clack, The Car Guides

Except for Dan Neil's occasional musings on the ability of minivans to turn you into a DILF, reviewer [and dadblogger!] Dave Thomas is one of the few car guys I've ever seen who takes a dad's-eye view of things: checking car seat clearance, backseat reach, loading kids and strollers in and out, you know, dad stuff.

And it might be spreading.'s newly launched Family Shopping Guide is very practical and gives equal time to moms and dads. And it now includes their former standalone chick car blog,, which focuses on things like car seat installation, kid loading & unloading, and cupholder placement--you know, mom stuff.

Gender enlightenment aside, my only issue with the Family Shopping Guide is that there's no "10 hot station wagons for your growing family!" feature. But then again, it's meant to be a guide for cars people actually buy.

Family Cars Shopping Guide [ via dt pal dave]

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