May 25, 2010

You're Tired! Trump® Kids


Turns out May is See What Elaborate Kid-Related Amenities Are Being Offered At Trump® Hotels Month here on Daddy Types.

The much-reviled Trump SoHo Luxury Hotel is set to open now! soon, and the Trump® Kids offerings are ready to go. The list includes the basics, from "cribs with plush linens" [sic] to "kids robes and slippers," to a children's room service menu, even "complimentary" use of the pool.

The "Kiddie cocktail menu" is unique, though, and I'm sure it includes only the highest quality, organic daquiri and margarita mixes. [We stayed at The Pierre once with the kid, and they brought her a giant welcome bucket of chocolate-and-candy-covered pretzels. Because nothing makes your stay more relaxing than a 3-yo with a sugar high.]

But if you're considering taking your kid to the Trump SoHo, and he's a little on the tiny/newborn side, then you'll want to call ahead, because the "Trump® Kids business cards printed with each child's name" are only a standard amenity for older kids.

Trump® Kids [trumpsohohotel via the awl]

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