May 23, 2010

DT Friday Freakout: Lost Edition

I don't know if this means anything to anybody, but my 2-yo just woke up from a nap asking if she could keep playing with her giant Playmobil island with the hairplane crashed on it.

And in other freakout news to ruin your weekend:

  • Unlike Mrs. Moms, who know enough to shut the hell up about their kids in an interview, and are apparently happy to fetch staples, Mr. Moms will never work in this town again. Also, "Mr. Mom." [ via dt reader rolf]

  • The posting ban is still in effect, so I will just say that, hypothetically, if the Associated Press were to write an article about how a the question of whether a French documentary about babies might have violated California's child labor laws hinges on whether the babies in it were considered "employees" or to be "working," I would think they are pesky busybodies. [ap/yahoo via dt reader sara]

  • A study of depression in preschoolers found that--you know, it doesn't matter what the end of this sentence is, it can't get any more depressing. []

  • When you get three calls and emails from reporters trying to find dads who experienced post-partum depression on Monday, you can be pretty sure there's an embargoed study of dads experiencing post-partum depression set to drop on Tuesday. [sciencedaily; npr]

  • The CDC found that while health inspectors close 12% of pools immediately for contamination, the rate jumps to 17% for play fountains and pools at child-care facilities, and 16% for kiddie pools. [cdc via npr]

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