May 14, 2010

Introducing The Dodge Grand Caravan Syriana Edition

For SUV drivers, it's leaving the pavement. Someday. So what are the ain't-never-gonna-happen fantasies of that ease people into the life-changing purchase of a minivan? These new commercials from Dodge will make you regret even asking the question. [via dt reader george]


Not having cable is a blessing.
Are these guys invading Iraq or just destabilizing regimes somewhere?
Is this supposed to convince Teh Dads that minivans are not wimpy juice box schleppers, but are Family Unit Desert Assault Vehicles?

Recently rented one of these (actually a Chrysler T&C) recently in FL. Here's my suggestion: stop running ads for minivans. Take the savings and apply it to discounts to rental car companies on the condition that the rental companies charge rates that will encourage more renters to get these vehicles. (Rental companies tend to gouge minivan renters with rates much higher than the rates for cars with similar MSRPs.) The best marketing for a minivan is getting families (or other groups) to actually spend time in them. The T&C we rented had terrible build quality (maybe 2 full clicks below an Odyssey or Sienna), a buzzy engine and several inexcusable design mistakes. But, we still loved it. These things are just so useful and easy when you have a number of people, a lot of stuff, car seats, etc.

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