May 13, 2010

The Dad Who Changes Diaper Brands Changes The World

From Brian last week at Rebel Dad:

Dear Pampers,

This evening, I received the following note from you:

Hello BRIAN,
Happy Mothers Day!
Thanks, Mom for all that you do.
On this special day, check out the tribute that Pampers has for you! Come join us and other moms on Facebook and YouTube, and take a moment to share what you love best about being a mother.

This is the fourth straight year that you've sent me a generic Mother's Day message, despite the fact that I am -- quite plainly -- not a mom.

And to add insult to injury, this week, they sent him coupons for pink razors and mascara.

So finally, after four years, Rebel Dad is throwing down and boycotting Pampers until the company wakes up and acknowledges the reality that millions of dads want to cause chemical burns on their kids' butts, too. And do, every day!

Unfortunately, I'm already boycotting Dora and Disney Princess diapers, too, so I'm afraid until K2 gets serious about her potty training, I won't be joining in. But I support the cause! Fight the marketingbot power!

My Fourth Annual Open Letter To The Morons At Pampers []
Parents Protest New Pampers Diapers on Facebook [abcnews via dt reader sara]


We needed some night time diapers, and they were out of "boy" character branded diapers, so I bought a pack of Sleeping Beauty branded night time diapers. My boy loved them, and refused to wear anything else for a while. He kept saying "I want to sleep with the princess"

It's hard to argue with his reasoning.

While I'm not a fan of Huggies diapers, I am a fan of their commercials that show real dads really changing diapers.

Yes, Dads change diapers too!

lolol, +2

again i want to arm my weapons, not only against those companies that still thinks diaper changing all belongs to the mother, but also against those ridiculous prints that can be found on every diaper available over here in germany. man, that creepy lil prints hurt my eyes.

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