May 13, 2010

'A Real New York City Kind Of Challenge.'


First off, mazeltov to Chris and Michelle, the proud new parents in the NY Times story about what their designer, Kevin Dumais called "a real New York City kind of challenge," i.e., turning the 2nd bedroom/home office into a nursery.

Well, yes and no. Considering they had a palatial 175 square feet to work with, the design itself should be a piece of cake. And yes, it does look very successful.

The real real New York City kind of challenge is doing the entire renovation and nursery installation Jewish-style, in those few first, whirlwind, exhausting days after the kid already arrives. Clearly, someone tipped his super properly last Christmas.

On the Cheap: Making Room for Baby, On a Budget [nyt]


I hate to be a spoilsport, but how does this guy expect to get work done when the baby is sleeping? Sure maybe initially newborns can sleep through anything...but that will not really fly after a certain point. (I know he says the baby will get used to the sound of his voice...but not sure this works past about 4 months or so).

Good luck with that! One thing that is a HUGE help for any Dad when baby is 6+ months is the Help Yourself Feeding Solution. NO MESS! Ready for this.... NO BOWLS TO CLEAN! Insert baby food container feed, toss container. This is AWESOME at stadiums and ballparks. Later it suctions for less mess when the little guy is trying to feed on his own. Less mess is the way to go!

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