May 8, 2010

Oh, Great, We're One Of Those Toxic Flip-Flop People


K2 insisted on wearing her too-small fancy shoes last weekend while we were out of town, and they ripped up her heels pretty bad.

So we put her on a remedial flip-flop regimen while she healed. I bought a pair of $2.50 flip-flops at Target the other day, and now it turns out the rubber straps give her a contact rash across the top of her feet.

Am I supposed to soak them in tea tree oil or something now? Should I just skip the anti-plastic activist blogging phase, and move the family to an dome on an allergen cult compound in New Mexico somewhere?


Super Quick Trick: get some super soft (cheap) yarn from a craft store and wrap the straps with a series of half-hitches (the way Moms in the 70s used to wrap hangers to make them "pretty"). You could also use fabric tape but it's harder to find (and probably more expensive.

Just get flip-flops with fabric straps.

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