May 5, 2010

DT Antique Mall Roundup

Over the weekend we took a kidfree road trip to Lancaster County, and on Sunday morning, when everyone else was at worship, we went to the heathen haven of Adamstown, which is chock full of antique markets, which is Pennsylvania Dutch for "people sellin' Grandma's junk out of the backs of their trucks and asking whatever the highest price they could find on eBay was." (Such a vibrant language!)

There were a couple of photo-worthy finds, though:

I forgot how much this play table with the enameled metal top was, but it wasn't outrageous.

Enameled Tin Kids ABC Table

This was pretty awesome: a hand-painted, kid-sized twig chair, c.1940. It was inside at Stoudt's,and asking $448.

Wild Twig Adirondack Chair

There were a couple of people outside selling decent-looking sets of wooden blocks, too, but we were definitely not in the market. If anyone else has some secret antique destinations they'd like to disclose, we are ready to leave the kids behind again anytime.


i like how the play table has a vaguely ouija-board vibe. you can have a tea party AND talk to your dead relatives!

hah, great call

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