May 4, 2010

Swagger Wagon Is The New Gellin' Like A Felon

Holy crap, this is the world's most perfect advertisement. I am as powerless as a Toyota brake pedal before its seductive marketing charms.

Too bad it's a minivan, not an actual wagon.

Swagger Wagon [youtube via dt reader george]


Amazing, if the rest of this campaign was not so painful they might have me. (Seriously, how hard is it to get 3rd row seating in a wagon?)

I was going to send this to you last week, but got distracted.
After watching the whole series of ads on Youtube, I was seriously puzzled: was Toyota TRYING to piss me off with these bobo knuckleheads? Would I want to be driving the same vehicle as them? (I drive an '03 Sienna now, BTW.)
In another coincidence, I just went to take a look at the new '11 models tonight. 42K for an LTD (leather, power everything, reclining middle seats) would seem to be a bit steep for couples with 2-4 kids. If you can afford that, then you're getting into Range Rover socioeconomic territory. The high-end models used to be empty-nester, snowbird specials (that's who we got ours from, used) but isn't that who they are aiming the Venza at? Toyota seems a small jump away from GM-itis, where they try to cover every single demographic niche and they wind up with too many models.

I like.
Not a bad looking van either. $42K is steep but I can't blame Toyota for wanting to offering something for those families that might otherwise make the unnecessary choice to load into a Q7, X5 or GL. I imagine those families would feel mighty comfortable once inside a loaded Sienna. Of course, egos will suffer when 'rollin' the cul de sac' in a car that's 95% indistguishable from a ~$25K Sienna.

it's so nice to finally meet the rappin' granny's family.

I saw a bunch of the other videos of this "family" and thought it was a bit ridiculous, but I like this one!

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