May 3, 2010


McSocks, originally uploaded by daddytypes.

The McDonalds in Gettysburg--and the KFC next to it, and the Chinese buffet and Pickett's Buffet next to that--are all built across the street from the National Battle Memorial Park, which means they're smack in the middle of the battlefield.

Which is the second most disconcerting thing about this McDonalds, after the realization that they sell children's socks for a dollar at the Food Counter.


As socks are required for playing in the giant hamster tubes, I've had to buy McSocks on two occasions when a spontaneous diversion to McD's revealed that one or more of the kids weren't wearing socks after all and I had forgotten to replace the emergency sock storage in the car.

The ones for sale at our local McD's have little embroidered patches with McD characters on them.

Wow, emergency sock storage? I think we have a diaper in the car. I stand in grimy, barefoot awe.

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