April 30, 2010

MoMA Mystery Maze, c.1970

I tried to identify the creator of the incredible molded acrylic-walled structure in this photo before the wife and I headed out of town for a kid-free, backcountry, weekend, but no luck.

It's on the wall at MoMA in New York, second floor, between the cafe and the Cullman Education building [which, more later]. The only caption is, "Sculpture Garden, c. 1970."

Judging from that big elemental abstract sculpture in the background, I'd guess this was a temporary sculpture exhibit, not an architecture & design show. If anyone has any vestigial memories of visiting this as a child, or any other leads, definitely let me know.


hi greg, i think i have the catalog for this moma show somewhere among my piles of stuff... hopefully i can find it for you.... xxRR

Am I the only one who can't see the photo?

Have been checking around and research is not yielding results. Will keep you posted if anything surfaces.

I work at MoMA and there is not other information on this photograph in our archives.

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