April 27, 2010

Yes Indeed, Richard Harvey Wrote The Music For That Sesame Street Crayon Movie

Finally, Daddy Types has solved one of the greatest mysteries of parenting! Finally, as in, actually, it was solved last fall, but I only realized it yesterday:

The music from that Sesame Street Crayon Movie was all written and performed by Martin Harvey: The first and last segments with the girl damn near poking her eye out with that crayon are Harvey's "Dragonfly Dance," which was originally called "Water Course." The lively finger exercise in the middle, inside the factory--which was the mystery when I emailed Harvey's studio in 2008--turns out to be a piece called "Exchange."

Since getting linked online to the Sesame Street clip, Harvey had apparently been fielding inquiries about the songs, so he included digitally remastered versions from his original masters on his latest release, Richard Harvey's Nifty Digits, which hit iTunes last fall.

Only, I didn't actually click through to confirm "Exchange" was the piece until yesterday, after DT commenter Jonas did. I did, and it is. Now that that's cleared up, I'm pretty sure I can just put the rest of this dad thing on cruise control.

Richard Harvey - KPM 1000 Series: Richard Harvey's Nifty Digits - Dragonfly Dance download "Dragonfly Dance"
Richard Harvey - KPM 1000 Series: Richard Harvey's Nifty Digits - Exchange download "Exchange"
Richard Harvey - KPM 1000 Series: Richard Harvey's Nifty Digits - Nifty Digits download the album, Richard Harvey's Nifty Digits

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1 Comment

Thank you thank you thank you for this, I freakin' LOVE the music on that clip. Now, what about that dreamy "milk, miiiilk, milk, la la la laaaaaaaa la la la la la" song from the Sesame Street how milk is made clip?

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