April 23, 2010

DT Advertiser Shoutout: Earth Day Edition

A quick shoutout to longtime DT advertisers Vincent, Sweden's favorite brand of kid's shoes, who are celebrating Earth Day with a sale! [I have no idea, either, but it's 25% off across the website, so just go with it.] Use promocode EARTHDAY at checkout. The sale runs through Sunday, April 25th.

Additional shoutouts to DT's longtime sponsors Sparkability, a pioneer in great design for kids, and Niche Retail, the parent company of both EliteCarSeats.com and JoggingStroller.com. Right now, JoggingStroller.com is offering free shipping on the newly redesigned Bugaboo Bee.

As always, a quick reminder that DT receives a small kickback from orders made whenever you click through a sponsor ad. DT also receives a small kickback from anything you order after clicking through to Amazon or eBay. ANYTHING, not just whatever random out-of-print kids book or extravagant wood toy I might be talking about. So if you have some shopping to do and you're in the mood to support DT [and help pay for the kids' Harvard educations], click right on through.

mb_a170_cdi_ebayuk.jpgAll DT editorial decisions are completely independent of advertiser influence. DT will always disclose when an advertiser is being discussed or featured, even if they've only ever advertised once. DT exercises no editorial or content control over advertisements, except to reject porn or gambling ads. Though if Glenn Beck tried to sneak an ad on here like he did that one time, by having his agency call it something else, I would probably pull it.

DT also strongly disapproves of freebies and reminds publicists that the fastest way to piss me off is to fill my mailbox with unsolicited samples of your client's junk.

Mercedes Benz USA, none of this applies to you, of course; as long as you can get me a low-km, 2004 A170 CDi with DOT/EPA exemptions and left-hand drive, I will forgive you for the R-Class, the B-Class, the C-Class wagon, and the CLK and GLK.


I got my new Bee yesterday. Took a whole lot of complicated logistics, being that it isn't really available yet, and certainly not here in Canada, but we're leaving for Europe soon and didn't have time to spare. (Blah blah blah.) Anyway, so far, I *love* it! The baby is comfortably and content in the seat (just moved out of a pram, so it is a whole new experience for him), and the preschooler kept asking, "When is it my turn?"

E-class wagon notable by absence, I note.

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