April 19, 2010

Today's German Lesson: Ein Schaukelwagen 'Sehr Bespieltes'


'Sehr bespieltes': I wish I could tell you it's German for "great project!" It is actually, "very played-with."

And that's just what this Schaukelwagen that popped up on German eBay is: sehr bespieltes, also sehr berepaired. But at the moment, at least, it's also sehr becheap.


Judging by the wear patterns on the beech frame, this classic 1950 design by Bauhaus alumni Hans Brockhage and Erwin Andra was rarely flipped from race car to rocking chair mode. And that [very professional-looking] steel brace makes me think it was loved by several generations--or that it was originally owned by Augustus Gloop.

Either way, the market for stuff like this loves original condition, and punishes for it, too. If you've been waiting for a Schaukelwagen you didn't mind the kid actually playing on, you only have nine days left to wait. Hopefully, Iceland will release its chokehold on European airspace by then, and you can ship the thing back, too.

Kinder Schaukelwagen Holzauto wohl Hans Brockhage DDR, currently EUR1.50 +65 intl s/h, auction ends Apr 28 [ebay via mareike from findlingberlin.blogspot.com]

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In case somebody is really interested in buying one:
German retro shop MANUFAKTUM (http://www.manufaktum.de) reissued this schaukelwagen. I'm afraid it is no longer listed online on their site (and may have been not totally el cheapo like is with all their other goods), but with this reissue you might be able to find a quality item nearly unbespielt (without too many marks and scratches), completely authorized by the original designer.
You can also find ONE piece at http://www.retro-nova.de for 300,- Euro right now.

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