April 19, 2010

OG Jean Prouvé Kids Desk


After you get over the excitement of finding a vintage Prouvé children's desk--in this case, at the Swiss modern design shop Quintessentia--you can start thinking about who the ungrateful little rugrats were who beat this table down were. Or who the knuckleheads were who left it sitting, exposed, in the jardin or wherever all these years. And then you can thank them, too, because if it had been in any better shape, it'd be even more crazy-expensive than it already is.


So perhaps you can take the money you save on the desk and spend it on some vintage Naef toys; Quintessentia seems to have a pretty good local channel for sourcing awesome, old Swiss toys. There's a pretty huge herd of carved Antonio Vitali barnyard animals, for example.

Original Jean Prouvé Side Table [sic], $2,200 [quintessentia.com via dt reader arthur]

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