April 16, 2010

DT Friday Freakout

Friday Friday Friday--Ooh, what does it mean? It means it's time to ruin your weekend with alarming and/or depressing news from the worlds of science, safety, and parenting!

  • Mother Jones has a shocking story about how, according to a mind-blowing Cornucopia Institute report basically organic soy--soy burgers, soy-based infant formula, soy grits, everything!--is all produced using the explosive neurotoxin hexane, which is, as you know, basically gasoline. If only Mother Jones had found the May 2009 report sooner, maybe they could have prevented last summer's spate of tragic vegetarian BBQ explosion deaths. [motherjones and cornucopia.org via boingboing]
  • Now what about that neurotoxic organic soy formula... The report says that except for the Baby's Only brand, all "organic" soy formulas include three ingredients processed with hexane: soy lecithin, DHA, and ARA, the two fatty, Omega-3 oils that--oh--are added to basically every infant formula on the market. You're soaking in it!
  • And feeding it to your kid! And so is everybody else! Except, it turns out, for the hundred or so folks who found out that their newborns' gas, "vomiting," and "excessive crying" was caused by DHA. For more such shocking details, check out Cornucopia's 2008 formula report, "Replacing Mother." [cornucopia.org]
  • The Sun, which runs photos of topless birds every day on Page 3, has convinced British chavskank chain Primark to remove their little girls' padded bikini tops. From the market! [The BBC is pained to report via dt reader dt]
  • Samsung is warning that their new 3D television sets are not recommended for drunks, pregnant women, or anyone under 6. [nypost via theawl]
  • This headline alone is freaking me out, so instead of reading the post, I'm just going to assume that womb stress comes entirely from strapping a $150 rhythmic Walkman to your belly. Don't do it!: "Early Learning Begins in the Womb: Pregnancy Stress Can Be Bad for Babies' Development" [birth to thrive via @workingdad]
  • Let's face it, I'm just so busy counting money and basking in glory, I'm not gonna be able to get around to posting about this one: "Dadbloggers deserve respect [from marketers and publicists]" [edelmandigital.com via chris, aka sahd in lansing]
  • Turns out Andrew Wakefield's not only faked the data and findings in his [now-retracted] original vaccine-causes-autism&stuff article, he made up the disease, too. [british medical journal via msnbc thanks, umm...]
  • Spanking kids too young makes them stupid and mean, in that order. [time via dt]
  • Stupid kindergarten teachers forcing kids to write about their daily life! says some academic. Let them write about cartoon characters--which they watch every day, so it counts!--instead. [eurekalert]
  • Talking to a newborn [actual words] is better than saying "beep bop boop" to them, pretty much every time. [eurekalert]

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