April 14, 2010

Sad Meal


Alex Brown's quotidian epic of a photograph, Untitled (Sad Vader), can now be yours, and I don't mean on your blog.

20x200 has just published two versions of this masterpiece, an 11x14 edition of 500, and a 16x20 edition of 20. Either one would pretty much kill it in a Star Wars- or Upstate New York McDonald's-themed nursery.

Untitled (Sad Vader), Alex Brown, $50 or $200 [20x200.com]


One of my saddest memories is of my son running around the house in an Iron Man mask and then being told he had to go to bed. He hung his masked head so low and looked so pitiful. It's just wrong to be sad when you're a kid in a costume. The world (or McDonald's) should be yours!
Point: I love this picture. It makes me smile and a little sad all at once. Pretty amazing.

I never thought about this before this photograph but this highlights another bit of genius from the Star Wars make-up/costume creators. This is an expressionless mask that can look powerful and menacing in one scene and sad and pathetic in another. And I'm not just talking about the movies vs. a lonely kid in McDonald's. You get this transition even within the movies, particularly in RotJ.

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