April 8, 2010

The Isabella Boom, Explained

Apparently, if your first name is Isabella, you get free admission for life at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

And if your first name is Renzo, you get free admission for life to every museum with an ill-advised starchitect expansion project, which is pretty much all of them.

Isabellas Free...Forever! [gardnermuseum.org via @AndrewRusseth]
Renzo Piano, Favored Museum Designer, Wears Out His Welcome [bloomberg]


Don't be harshing on Renzo! He is the clean up man AFTER the ill-advised starchitect expansion project falls through. The Twombly Gallery at the Menil earns Renzo a pass for life.

(Look what you've done, bored the Sakura baby to sleep.)

I'll give Renzo the Menil, and the Beyeler, and he DID save the Morgan Library from its swoopy, disastrous self.

But if I'd posted a rendering of the disaster he's planning to graft onto the Gardner, Sakura baby would break out crying.

Huh, wasn't aware he was adding on to the Garner. It seems like one that should be left unmolested.
He does have a near monopoly on Musuem additions. But as far as I've seen no one can touch his mastery of natural light in a gallery.

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