April 8, 2010

How Different Are Car Seats In Europe? Ch. 1


You know what, it's the little differences.

Like Czech-made inflatable booster seats, that inflate in "under one minute," and that supposedly fit three across [even though they don't tell you the dimensions], and that fold up to about the size of an iPad, so maybe you could put one in the stroller and solve your taxi-carseat problem, if you don't mind hyperventilating and nearly blacking out on a street corner four times/day, and that are sold in packs of one, five, 20, or 50 [??] for something north of a hundred bucks apiece, plus $25-50 shipping? Are those supposed to be wholesale prices?

And what do they call it? Bedi EasyCarSeat by Gumotex? And why don't they actually show her inflating the damn thing? And what is up with that stack of mail?


EasyCarSeat.com [easycarseat.com via jan from loopfietwinkel.nl]


If a prop in an ad ever made me identify with the scene, that stack of mail is it. I think we have the same one.

Sure, but I guess that's my question. Do we want to buy car seats from people like ourselves? Or do we want them to come from giant R&D labs, where they might be photographed next to, say, a pile of crash test dummies?

The dummies must be stored behind the screen on left and in the play tent on right.

...just to comment on the time issue:
a friend of mine had a canoe by Gummotex and despite it's size (for two and loads of additional space for gear) he was able to inflate it within a couple of minutes (though not with his lugs air LOL). And that thing was impressively sturdy!

edit says: LUNGS was what I meant

Let me add some facts here which may not come across properly on the website;

Here is the video of the crash test:


Gumotex celebrated its 60th Birthday this year.

Gumotex has been making Automobile interiors for over a half century. (Skoda and now Volkswagen group)

Gumotex employs 1,300 people - that's a giant to me:)

The USA crash tests are on the way by MGA Research.

BEDI is the brand name in the Czech Republic and Easycarseat is used in the UK and US from Q3 2010.

One note about safety: You have to trust the standard 3 point safety seat belt of your car. That is what all the car seats use in Group 2 and Group 3 category. (15 Kg - 36 Kg)

Easycarseat is recommended for families who travel a lot and appreciate the space saving feature.

Post me any questions, I will be happy to reply.

PS: Yeah the video is a bit funny with the stack of files. Will be replaced soon enough. For the record, you can blow up the car seat under a minute.

Just HOW much protection will that carseat provide if it deflates in an accident???? That's WHY we use car seats anyway. No, thanks, I'll use a plastic one that's not inflatable.

As Ray says; sturdy is the word. Gumotex is producing rafting boats and inflatable rescue systems http://www.gumotex-rescue-systems.com/ since forever, have you ever seen a rafting boat burst?? Why don't we use plastic rafting boats? (because they break sooner then an inflatable boat) You might want to have another look at the crash test video and focus in on what happens to a child in a car crash situation. Do you really want your child to hit the plastic during a crash or the "airbag" car seat. It is physics we are discussing here. Again, the idea for Easycarseat is that you can take it with you anywhere you go. You can fit 3 of them into a SONY VAIO laptop carry case.
A note about the delivery costs: Soon enough there will be stock on both US coasts.

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