April 7, 2010

But It's Too Darn Hot


Look, I am truly sorry for all the kids who are getting seared on the giant Mongolian BBQ-themed playground equipment installed in the new Brooklyn Bridge Park.

But seriously, is there anything more laughable than the warning sign, saying the whole problem will be solved as soon as those shade trees fill in [in like five years]?

Or is there anything more absurd than the insta-tents that got installed within hours after the story hit the papers?

I didn't think so.

Parents fuming over Brooklyn's playground's 'hot' steel attraction [image: nydailynews via dt reader randy]
"But the trees didn't grow fast enough to muffle the screams" [brooklynpaper.com via curbed]


whoa. more big balls here.

I love that line from "Meet the Robinsons" that seems so apropos:

"I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through..."

Who hasn't scorched the backs of their legs on slide on a hot sunny day? If the slide, a generally accepted playground amusement, is considered benign, we can probably learn to deal with these domes.

Maybe they just need a little Olive Oil (extra virgin) to really get the job done.

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