April 5, 2010

DT Wagonspotting At The 2010 NY Auto Show

2011 Acura TSX wagon rear 3/4, originally uploaded by proscriptus.

Not DT DT, DT reader DT, that is, who went to the New York Auto Show and came back with a sweet, dadcentric--oh, wait-- DT has put together a great dadwagon photoset which--

Here are photos of four new station wagons and the backseats where you'd put the carseat. Though the proportions look a little crossover-ish from this angle DT assures me that the Acura TSX Sport Wagon is, in fact, all wagon. All European Accord Wagon.

Alas, it also sounds like has all the rear legroom of a Subaru Legacy, and the 2.4L 4-cylinder engine's performance-tuned primarily for the preschool dropoff line. But we'll see and hope.

It also sounds like the Acura TSX is, shockingly, not quite as nice as the 2011 Mercedes E-Class Wagon, which has thankfully not been killed this year by the SUVmongers at MBUSA. In addition to quality and space, the extra $30,000 or whatever will get you a pair of rear-facing jumpseats. What's the opposite of "Shotgun!"?


I think if my budget were in the E-Class range I'd probably just get the CTS-V wagon... you'd be the first person to make it to the preschool lineup every day with 6.2L of V8 at your disposal.

The opposite of "Shotgun!" is "Wayback!"

My dad drove a brand new 1965 Fairlane wagon off the dealer's lot and didn't sell it until sometime during the first Reagan administration. I rode backwards almost exclusively for the first 12 years of my life.

I'd have to agree with Cam C. on the CTS-V, though in truth the CTS Sportwagon is really stretching the definition of "wagon;" it's more of a large hatchback. What I wouldn't give for a Holden Commodore SS wagon with a 6 speed manual...

As far as the TSX goes? No stick, so sale. If I were going to buy a slushbox wagon, it's hard to see why I'd choose this over the Audi A4 with its overachieving turbo mill.

Agreeing with the two above on the CTS-V. If you're going to pay top dollar for a wagon, this is the one to get. I think BMW makes an M5 wagon for sale in Europe but on our shores, nothing comes close to the CTS-V in terms of hauling a$$ and hauling stuff. It's like a Vette with room for 5 and their stuff. I believe its going to have a manual transmission available as well.
I was at the NY car show and spent some time with each of these. It's true that the CTS doesn't have the most cargo room but the TSX isn't exactly large either. If you need a lot of space in the back, the Merc E, Volvo V70 and Subaru Outback are definitely larger.
Final car show note: despite all the concept cars, new reveals and other eye candy, my son kept going back to the Chrysler Town & Country with the power doors.

I spent a lot of time rear-facing in the wayback of an '87 Volvo 760 Turbo. Then it became "my" car in high school and college. Then my sister killed it. Sad.

Is the E-wagen the only one these days with the wayback jumpseat? Or does the V70 still have it, too? To me that's the whole point of a wagon--cargo space that converts to carpool space in a vehicle as fuel-efficient and easy to parallel park as a sedan.

Aside from the Mazda 5, the only other options for a third row I know of require you to step down to a too-big-on-the-outside-too-small-on-the-inside crossover (or a full-on minivan or SUV).

Volvo is essentially out of the wagon business for 2011--no more V70, nothing larger than the V40.

@Seth: If you haven't looked at an Outback lately, check it out: It is most definitely not a wagon now, strictly an SUV. They're huge, but not roomy.

There's a six-speed BMW 335i wagon in my neighborhood. Red leather interior, it's glorious. But out of production. I was seriously thinking about trying to talk my wife into a Saab 9-5 wagon last fall, when you could get one for like 18 bucks. I don't know if it'll be around next year, and they didn't have one on the stand at NYIAS.

@dt: The Outback is now huge and ugly. I spent a lot of time in several of them at last year's car show and at the dealer while the old Legacy Wagon was in for service. It is very much influenced by SUV styling and I'm not sure why. I find it to be visually awful. Of course, they continue to sell like hotcakes so I guess their marketers and designers are on to something. Whatever it looks like, the Outback is roomier than most of the wagons mentioned here: TSX, CTS, 335, etc. Passenger compartment is identical to the current Legacy sedan which has joined the Accord and Camry at the extra large side of the midsize segment. The cargo area is definitely in the league with the big Volvo and Mercedes wagons.
Volvo seems to be doing the same thing with the V70 that Subaru did with the Legacy wagon, namely killing them in favor of their jacked up versions (XC70 and Outback). That said, there are reports of a Volvo V60 wagon that is appearing in spy photos. No word on a US appearance.

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