April 1, 2010

Oh No, I've Put The Sakura Bloom Baby To Sleep!


It's crazy, the power these little creatures have over our most detached, analytical minds. Ever since Sakura Bloom started running their ad with the bemused baby peeking out from the dad's sling, I literally could not stop thinking, "What will the Sakura baby think of this post?" "Will s/he be non-plussed by plush bacon?" "Will s/he approve of Dooce's performance at the White House?"

So I'm literally asking myself, "Will Ikea furniture on German eBay bore the Sakura baby?" as I type, and well, there you go.

Please tell me it's just the soothing, comfortable power of a Sakura dad sling. On the bright side, it looks like the dad's looking.

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