March 31, 2010

Anorak Now Available In Indie Toy Format


Finally! England's awesomest--and awesomely expensivest--indie kid's magazine is now available in a toy! Each 3-inch high polyurethane resin version of Anorak will be handmade to order by Matt, so allow around 10 days to ship it out.

Also, important to remember: "This product is not suitable for children aged 36 months or under. It's a decorative toy and not one for playing!"

Though if you want, I'm sure you could scatter the shelf around Anorak with Exact-o blades so your kid could play Bobbies & Drunken, Knife-Wielding Football Hoodlums. Or make a tiny little backpackful of spray paint cans by slicing a small-diameter metal tube into fingernail-sizes sections, and let the kid play Boorish Town Councilman & Graffiti Artists. Even without touching Anorak, the play possibilities are endless!

update: Is it just me, or is that baby in the Sakura sling ad to the right just looking right at each post and going, "WTF?"?

Anorak Toy, in a signed, numbered, handmade limited edition of 10, £45.00 []

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