March 22, 2010

The Mothering Magazine Babywearing Agenda Is The CPSC's Babywearing Agenda

I haven't mentioned the CPSC's recent baby sling advisory notice, partly because I figure the hippieparentblogs have it well in hand.

But then DT reader Sara forwarded the official response from Mothering Magazine, a longtime supporter of the babywearing and a venerable and important advocate of parenting close to the earth or whatever. It's totally fine: "Mothering puts the CPSC warning in perspective: Babywearing is safe, but some slings and positions are not."

Then Mothering goes on to make some important suggestions, such as taking extra care with kids under four months, preemies, and smaller twins. And always keeping the baby's head, mouth and nose visible and clear. And not pressing the kid's head into the wearer's body or the sling fabric.

In other words, basically what the CPSC said, with a few reassurances about how ancient babywearing is.

Which reminds me a bit of Tavis Smiley, the self-important, self-proclaimed leader for thinky black folk whose star took a bit of a hit when a black guy for all folk came along. Now a year later, instead of his annual State Of The Black Union, Brother Tavis's conference had the hapless title, "We Count!"

Similarly, after years of beating the babywearing drum, Mothering is trying to stay relevant now that slings aren't just for hippie folk anymore.

Infant Deaths Prompt CPSC Warning About Sling Carriers for Babies []
Mothering Responds to CPSC Sling Warning: Babywearing Is Safe []


The good ole LLL (La Leche League) is in much the same position as Mothering Mag. Now that we got our point across, what do we do? Oh yes, Elimination Communication is the next front for hippie parents. Down with the diaper!

Never thought I'd see the relevance of Mothering Magazine equated to that of Tavis Smiley. Way to go brother!

thanks, Brother Seth!

these have always been the suggestions and COMMON sense.

I am confused about your point though.

and I hardly think that the LLL and Mothering feel their causes are "all set".

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