March 21, 2010

You Say Donald Judd Photocollage, I Say Donald Judd Dollhouse Schematic

Donald Judd bought 101 Spring Street, a 5-story cast iron loft building, in 1968. He raised his family there and used it as a studio and office space until his death in 1994. The Judd Foundation is closing the building for a three-year renovation. Nicholas Robinson Gallery is exhibiting work by artists Judd had selected for permanent installation in his own home, and vintage photos and documentation of the building from the Foundation.

Here, for example, is a photocollage of all five floors in 101 Spring Street.


Alright, dollhouse makers, you have your orders. Now get crackin'.

Donald Judd & 101 Spring Street, through Apr 17, 2010 [ via mondo blogo who has a ton more pictures]

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